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Landmark Downer Theatre

2589 N Downer Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53211
Call: 414-276-8711

Located on friendly Downer Avenue in Milwaukee’s upper Eastside, the charming Downer Theatre is the oldest operating movie theatre in Milwaukee and features the finest in independent film and foreign language cinema. Click for Accessibility Info

BEER & WINE AT THE DOWNER! Beer and wine are available at the Downer Theatre Concession Stand. Make a selection from our beer list which features local favorites from Lakefront and New Glarus or choose a glass from our selection of red and white wines to sip as you watch your film!

PARKING: Metered and non-metered parking is available on surrounding neighborhood streets. The Downer staff is happy to feed your parking meter.


In 1915, the Downer Theatre opened its doors to the public. It was one of the finest and most modernly equipped motion picture houses in a residential district in the country, making it the prototype for “neighborhood” theatres at the time.

In May 1990, the Downer re-opened its doors to the public after a much-needed facelift. Transformed into a twin-screener, the new Downer was bright and classic, with the auditoriums painted a cream color. The decorative molding was brought back to life with gold leafing and gaslight-type lanterns lined both auditoriums.