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2524 E Webster Place, #201a, Milwaukee, WI 53211

Call: 414-935-8460

A Relaxing, Patient-Centered Atmosphere

We understand that the path to wellness can, ironically, be very stressful. At Untethered, we have intentionally created a setting where you can feel comfortable learning and equipping yourself with all of the most important information. In addition, Dr. Graham is known widely for her compassionate approach. As a mother, aunt, and airway patient herself, she is able to empathetically educate and guide. No question is too simple for Dr. Graham, and she is committed to an atmosphere that puts families and patients at ease.

  • We are a leading Southeast Wisconsin fully-dedicated airway center.
  • We are an affiliate member of The Breathe Institute, the nation’s leading network of airway-focused healthcare professionals across a variety of disciplines.
  • We provide convenient, in-office access to myofunctional therapy and other resources critical to a successful solution.
  • We live life informed! Dr. Graham consistently and enthusiastically attends national conferences, lectures, and workshops, constantly reviewing best practice in the airway field and whole body health.
  • We provide extensive education and resources for families and adult patients.
  • We believe in the collaborative nature and alignment with your entire care team, which can include ENT, primary care physician, pediatrician, physical therapist, chiropractor, lactation consultant, and many others.